Media BS

23 March 2012
What does it matter if someone had a psychotic episode? That says exactly as little about a person's character as having a heart attack or pneumonia. I'm so sick of the media making a big deal of a non-issue.

Through my adult life, I've been frequently appalled by the media's sensationalism over people's psychosis. Growing up with my dad, who was hardworking and as tax-paying as anyone else, I have seen that psychosis is just a symptom. It's like pneumonia. It takes some time to get over and requires rest, hydration, nutrition. Since Kaylan died I have become hyper aware that peole who have bouts of psychosis suffer tripple hate: from the media; from society at large; and from family who are sometimes embarrassed or just plain hateful. It makes my heart ache. 


Erica KitzmanComment