Gratitude for Friends

25 March 2015

To Connie: I have these vague memories of you coming in and out of the house with food and hugs. I love you and miss you so much.  <3

To Sally: Did I ever tell you how much my family appreciated the chicken and veggies? Well, we did. 

Since then I have remembered so many kindnesses, large and small. It makes my heart feel cozy to remember how lovely our friends and larger community were. It also makes me sad, because I have lost touch with nearly everyone there. Not only that, but I have not built a community since we moved away. I could, but I simply do not feel like it. Yet. I'm taking a class on Wellbeing though, and I am certain that one directive will be to go out and make connections. So, even though I still feel muted and am frequently afraid, the proof of taking the Wellbeing class is that it's proof that I have hope.


Erica KitzmanComment