Dissing the Dead

It is beyond me why people feel the need to gossip about deceased people, but it's not at all uncommon with suicide deaths. What on earth could possibly be accomplished by such nastiness? I knew my daughter didn't do drugs, and because of this gossip I got her damn ME report and took it to my MD to read. If she had done drugs would gossiping have been okay? Hell no. It's never okay to speak ill of someone's dead loved one. Never.

24 July 2012
Note from Kaylan's mom - During the last week I've had 3 different people refer to Kaylan's drug use, one of them a complete stranger. This tells me that someone is talking about this, and the talk is not only rude, it's hurtful and pointless. Kaylan drank too much alcohol too often, and when she died she had food and way too much alcohol in her body. Not even a trace amount of any other drug. Believe me, those reports are lengthy and through, and not something any mother should ever have to read. Certainly not something I feel like thinking about anymore. Unfortunately, as her bulimia medicine was partially narcotic, this sadly means she was not taking her medicine for quite some time prior to her passing. Hopefully this puts to bed the gossip that should have stopped more than a year ago.


Erica KitzmanComment