Funeral Practices

During the years I've attended grief groups - in person and online - I've heard story after story about people who couldn't have their child's funeral in their home church. People sometimes have to ask another church in the area to host the funeral, which makes everyone feel cast out - because they quite literally have been. Others have been asked not to discuss suicide within their own church community, and some have been blatantly shunned by both church and church community for the "sin" of their loved one.

It meant so much to me that the priest who officiated Kaylan's funeral was so kind and welcoming to our family and Kaylan's friendship community. I will always be grateful to him for acknowledging our love for her and our devastating loss in such a caring manner.

27 Feb 2012
The pastor who officiated at Kaylan Rose's funeral was wonderful and caring. I like this article and video: "The Rev. Kelly Brill, senior minister at Avon Lake United Church of Christ, talks about the burden on families -- and a pastor -- after a year in which she officiated at five funerals for families of loved ones who died by suicide."



Erica KitzmanComment