I'm not sure if I'll be able to include this poem in my book, but I wanted to include it here because I love it so much. I have received so much solace from the printed word, and that is the reason I want to keep writing this story of my grief. I hope that someone will get some comfort from these pages.

11 October 2011

The Next Place by Warren Hanson

I will not be a boy or girl, a woman or a man. I'll simply be just, simply, me.

No worse or better than. My skin will not be dark or light, I won't be fat or tall. The body I once lived in won't be a part of me at all.

I will finally be perfect.

I will be without a flaw.

I will never make one more mistake or break the smallest law.

And the me that was impatient, or was angry or unkind, will simply be a memory. The me I left behind.

I will travel empty handed.

There is not a single thing I have collected in my life that I would ever want to bring.


the love of those who love me, and the warmth of those who cared.

The happiness and memories and magic that we shared.

Though I will know the joy of solitude...I'll never be alone

I'll be embrace by all the family and friends I've ever know.

Although I might not see their faces, all our hearts will beat as one,

And the circle of our spirits will shine brighter then the sun.

I will cherish all the friendship I was fortunate to find, all the love and all the laughter in the place I left behind.

All these good things go with me. They will make my spirit glow.

And that light will shine forever, in the the next place I go.

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