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During this year I discovered that, if I kept a workbook nearby to read and write with, I could distract myself from constant feelings of loss and yearning. Over these years I have relied on workbooks and grief books for helping me walk through pain. I work on the parts that spoke to me and left the rest.

3 November 2011
Note to Kaylan - I still sometimes sent her messages.
I know you were wishing for a church family. I know you were hoping for God. " those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles" - Isiah the prophet (Late Bronze Age). I believe God hears our hopes. I believe our time is nonsensical compared to God's time. God can accomplish in one second what we can't accomplish in a whole lifetime.  

So, I'm doing a grief recovery workbook and I thought I'd share the "distraction" and "self-soothing" that I'm learning.
1. The day before my birthday/Thanksgiving. The first part was a walk downtown looking at the sculptures with my hubby to just get outside and distract myself.
2. The road trip photos was the day after my birthday/Thanksgiving when we drove up to see our friend's new place up on a high plateau above the Colorado river.
It was a stressful holiday, but the distraction and self-soothing really did help make what I thought would be a horrible week into a nice one.


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