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My girl was always a romantic. She was an idealist. She loved. Loved bugs, snakes, animals, people, flowers, trees, her family, her friends, language, stories, art, music. She loved deeply. She loved to read from a tiny age. First picture books before two years old, then novels at four-and-a-half, then science and - everything. She taught herself Latin during the summer she had the three strep infections. She memorized an encyclopedia of mushrooms and read all about cats that same summer She read while her dad suffered through his first round of chemotherapy. That was the summer we discovered Anne McCaffrey. I miss reading with her. I miss finding new stories and talking about them together. I miss her.

8 Sept 2011
Shared with my online grief group

I found this poem in Kaylan's things after she died.
She studied linguistics, and particularly loved Spanish.

"Mesteca" translated from Spanish - Salvador Diaz b1853
If, in your garden, when I die, a new flower appears;
If, in a clouded stormy sky you see a star no one has ever seen;
and a bird comes close and murmurs to you with a sweet sound,
opening his beak and saying to you the things I have said;
that flower, that star, that bird, they will be my life,
changed -- all changed according to God's law.
They will be my substance under a new face.
Wind and air, sun and song, these will be my thoughts transformed.
I am just a traveller -- when do I go?
When will GOD's law come to pass?
and, oh my beloved, when do I become sky and bird, flower and star?


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