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Erica Kitzman
28 September 2011

Angel Wings

When you look down and find that feather,
The one that's smaller and more beautiful than ever,
You'll know that's me sending you one of my wings,
For you to throw back or to keep with your things.

It's just a small reminder that I'm with you in your heart within,
Through the good and bad days and through thick and thin.
There will be days that you might find twenty,
And some days that you might not find any.

But it doesn't matter how many you find in one day,
Because all you have to do is close your eyes and pray.
I'm always with you -- I'm right there in your heart,
So, whenever you need me, remember we aren't apart.

A feather is an answered prayer,
To let you know that I'm there.
Birds do not shed feathers, but angels like I do,
And, guess what -- one day you will, too!

God gave me feathers disguised as angel wings,
He said, "Drop them carefully and watch what they bring."
And each time I drop one carefully in the right place,
I watch that beautiful smile appear on your face.

So remember, every feather you find is from me,
And the only reason I'm sending them is to make you happy.
I'm okay where I am and I'm always watching over you,
One day we will again be together,

And that day might feel like it's taking forever,
So, when you're feeling down or feeling sad,
Look for one of my feathers so you don't feel so bad....

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