Thought Control *

26 Aug 2011
Question for my grief group

Hey everyone, I have a question about thought control. (Don't worry, no aluminum foil hats will be needed to answer) I still think about Kaylan pretty much constantly, but I find myself giving myself mental reminders ~~ such as, "no need to worry about that now", "that can't be changed so no use thinking about it", "yep that would have been nice but it didn't happen". This didn't happen when my parents died. Not this constant for this long, anyway. Part of the redirection of thoughts feels guilty, because I'm afraid the memories of her will fade - which I know they will not, because my memories of my parents are still vivid after 24 & 14 years.Anyone else have this going on to any degree with your loved one's lost? Just wondering. ((HUGS to everyone today))  


Erica KitzmanComment