I hope they never understand *

Something that mamas of children who have died agree on one thing. No matter how clueless someone is; no matter how rude or hurtful; no matter what - we would never wish our grief on them.

13 Aug 2011
A note I wrote in my online grief group

I feel like crap tonight. Crying and shocked all over again. All evening I've been wondering how my stupid friend could say she was wearied by the "drama" of her two daughters' suicide threats & her son's mental illness. I wanted to reach through the computer and slap her. Really? I'd take a million years of her drama for one day with my daughter. Kaylan never once told me that she wanted to die. Why? Even when she went to the hospital at 13 she didn't tell me, but she told the intake counselor something scary enough that they kept her on a mandatory 72hr hold. And she didn't tell me after her attempt when she was 21 either. But she told me about it later and said she would never do that again. Why didn't she tell me how she felt? I can't figure it out... I miss her so much my heart and arms ache for her. I hate this.


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