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            I have long held a belief that there are angels among us, and I feel that my daughter sent angels to comfort me after she died. After the article about Kaylan was published a woman contacted me via the mortuary's guestbook. She told me about her relation to my daughter and asked me to contact her, which I did.
          Anna  had a story to tell me that gave my heart a feeling of safety for my daughter in her afterlife. I didn't feel happy, but I did feel more at peace. She and her friends found my daughter. Anna wanted to assure me that they had treated her as they would a sister. They stayed with her until the medical officials arrived. They showed her the greatest courtesy and cared for her.  
I consider their presence that morning to be a direct gift from God.

Date: 7 Jul 2011
Source: Message from Anna

Dear, We do not know each other, the only string that connect us is Kaylan. Until tonight I even didn't know her name. Me and two of my friends have found her, on that cold Sunday morning while jogging. For months she's been Jane Do to me, I tried to get more details about her, but came with nothing. Tonight my friend posted an article that appeared on the Seattle Met "The girl on the Bridge". I don't know why but i had the urge to contact you and let you know. Since that Sunday morning my life haven't been the same, without knowing her, there was something so noble about her, she seemed fragile and vulnerable, I felt like i wanted to protect her. I couldn't stop thinking about her [*edit for privacy]. I wondered what was her last thought and mostly I was tormented with the why. A week later my friend and myself put flowers at the place we found her to honor her memory and since each time i walk by i stop in respect for her and take a moment, sometimes i even find myself talking to her. A couple of months ago, I moved to NY, before I left i went there and told her that i was going away and won't be able to come and stop by anymore, but promised her that I will never forget her and that She will live forever in me… You cannot imagine how happy i am now to be able to know her name, to read about her and to get to know her through her friends, I am myself a musician/singer songwriter and a traveler. There's nothing I could tell that can appease your grief, but it was important for me to let you know that she was not alone and we took care of her in that moment with the utmost respect and dignity as if she was our own sister. my condolences Anna

          From her babyhood Kaylan had befriended the most lovely people. Our house was the house where kids came to eat snacks, make crafts, and play in the yard. When I spoke with Anna and messaged back and forth with B~~~ and Sabina, I felt that they were my daughter's last friends brought home.

          *Note* The days after the article was published were beyond difficult. As parents we crave hearing good things about our children. During the writing of it, I had asked the reporter to please follow responsible media guidelines. I asked him not to glorify Kaylan or her death. He created an honest picture of my daughter in her beauty and brokenness. He did his job responsibly and I appreciate that.

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