Everyone is OK for now... *

Looking back on this old message I feel surprise that I said "Thank you GOD!" so soon. I remember being pissed off at God for years... hmmm. Evidently I still had some faith even though I was still mad. It also seems that I did not know the full implications of loss survivor reactions.

19 Jun 2011
Note to my grief group

Everyone in the family is alive tonight. I feel like my chest is going to explode out of my throat, but now that we're home for the evening I'm calming down a bit. The most amazing thing happened. Remember that song I posted that I used to sing to my daughter when she was a child? The one we danced to at her wedding? Well, last night just before we got the call about our niece, Darrell was walking around the condo whistling that song. For one thing Darrell NEVER whistles, and for another thing I have NEVER heard him even hum that song. He doesn't hum either. Right when I asked him why he was whistling that song, the phone rang and it was the call from the hospital. *female relative* gets to go home tomorrow.  The two girls were very close over the past and I wondered if her attempt was related to Kaylan's death. Our  *male relative* who attempted on Thursday night has NEVER called us. EVER. And he called US at zero dark thirty in the am from a state away with his wife right upstairs? And tonight Kaitie sent me a text and she looks like Kaylan in the photo... Angel moments? Whatever, I'm grateful everyone is alive and safe for tonight. Thank you GOD!

For some reason I posted a Kay Redfield Jamison video below the original post. I just love Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison. I love her for being a doctor, a professor, and an "out" person who lives with bipolar. I love her for being so brave. I love her for standing her ground.


Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison


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