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12 May 2011
A question I asked online and the answer I received

I was really down one day, wandered over to the Alliance of Suicide Survivors facebook page,  and wondered "out loud" if organizations such as KRC4LIFE make a difference in the long run. I got a short and very wise answer that I want to share...
"I believe that most people want to make a meaningful difference following suicide loss. Many people focus on trying to make a difference in the area of "suicide prevention" or "awareness" and that is fine ... they want to "fix" the problem ... and perhaps they can ... but ultimately, people can use their enhanced empathy and compassion and the wisdom of their experience to make a difference or contribute ANYWHERE that is in line with their own personal talents and commitments. They can build a playground, help in a food pantry ... or do anything that makes the world a better place. There are lots of ways to make a difference." ~ Ronnie Walker


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