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          Searching for signs. Kaylan sent me a funny life hack sheet on FB and I took it as a sign of her returning joy. Why would a person planning to die be reading such funny things a couple of weeks prior? Why would she be so blissful about cleaning out all of her "stuff" and moving into a small place? AFSP cites "giving away prized possessions" and saying goodbye to loved ones as a signs of impending suicide - and so does hospice. Why would she seem so happy if she was dying?
          I wish someone would do a study on the intersectionality between the state of mind in actively dying people and people suffering from suicidal thinking.  It seems obvious to me that since so many of the signs of death are the same, no matter if it's an impending "natural" death or an impending death from suicide, that suicide deaths stem from physical distress of some sort. Why can't scientists figure this out? I can't be the only person who's had this thought. Can I?

31 Dec 2010
Kaylan's FB share to me
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