Guerilla Gardening *

          My girl loved to garden. She loved growing plants and digging in dirt. She loved bugs and frogs and lizards and snakes. Sometimes she guerilla gardened - meaning if some place needed a plant she'd find one and plant it there. If someone had a beautiful plant and didn't take care of it, she was apt to dig it up and plant it in a nearby place where people did take care of their plants. I can't tell you how much I loved her guerilla gardening practices. She was such a gentle radical.

31 March 2010
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Garden 2010
From her aunt: This is WONDERFUL! Following in your great grandma Anna's footsteps.
From her cousin: you have an android phone?!?!
From her brother's mother-in-law overseas: Hey, what are you growing here? Is it your own garden?
From me:  Nice job  :) xoxoxo

From her to us: I have a MyTouch 3g phone. Lovin it. And I planted one artichoke plant, garlic, white and red cabbage, romaine lettuce and strawberries. Herb garden and spinach yet to come - gonna turn the bathtub into one  =) And yeah it took me four hours to work in compost, plant, and landscape this thing into tiers cause my house is on a slope  =P SUPER proud. Also found out my cat Ben loves garlic plants, so I had to make a little cage around them
From another cousin: that tub!?! I would refurbish it, clean it, refinish it and soak in it. Your garden is looking mighty pretty though!  :)

          I loved seeing that she had managed to make a garden in the tiny space next to the walkway from her apartment, the next day we talked and she couldn't move. She ended up losing four days of work because of planting beautiful little garden. She had spinal arthritis like me among every other familial disability on top of that. Like the rest of us she just pushed through and did whatever she wanted to do, regardless of pain or illness, but having her garden bite her so hard had really bummed her out this time. I remember that she felt defeated.
          How can one child gets so many maladies while others get none? Not fair. Not fair at all.





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