The Necessity of Tears *

          Thinking about tears brings me to so many thoughts about grief. It seems to me like middle-class America could take direction from more emotive cultures when it comes to grieving. I feel like "we" do ourselves a disservice by expecting one another to "hold up" under sadness.  The chemical composition of tears is different depending upon the reasons we cry. To me this means that the tears of grief are just as physically necessary for health as tears of laughter.

May 5, 2011
Online Grief Group

Sobbed hard from Sequim to Port Gamble. Feeling like such an idiot for not knowing that my girl was so near death. I know I know... I couldn't have known unless she told me and she lived fifty miles away and I only saw her every few weeks... But I hear this regret is normal and I'm just saying it "out loud" here where I'm safe from censure. I do actually feel better now that we're at my BFF's house in Bothell. I'm going to stay in beds all day tomorrow and rest for the trip to Colorado. But tomorrow eve we're going to a show at Seattle Music Theater.

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