Her Last Birthday *

30 Jul 2010:
Memory: The night before Kaylan's  25th Birthday

          Darrell and I surprised her at work with peach roses. We sang Happy Birthday out of tune. She wasn’t happy. I could tell – so sad, checked out, drinking heavily. Still sweet and trying to smile. Something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. She had lost her baby but had not told me yet. She was grieving for her child. I get her now. I understand.
          We played pull tabs for a while, went to sushi downtown with Brett, checked out the torchlight parade. Later we walked her to the bus home for the night. I wish I had known. I wish she had told me. Would I have been a good support? Probably not the best support - I couldn't have imagined the depth of her grief over losing her child before I lost my own. 

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