Erica Kitzman is a writer, researcher, and postvention policy activist.

She is looking for a way, using commonly assigned children’s and teen story books, to empower children, parents, and educators in self-directed resiliency building conversations.

Her goal is to encourage conscious discussion about teaching resiliency building via reader-response discussion guides.

Through identification and discussion of discrete instances of self-harm and resiliency skills, as depicted in award-winning and best-selling American children’s and teen literature, she believes that we can begin a conversation about the best ways to enlighten youth to discuss - and challenge -the idea that self-harm is inevitable.

Her further goal is to challenge information-withholding and information-subversion from youth, especially as these apply to acknowledging and addressing self-harm, recovery, and resilience-building techniques.

- Life-habits research with direct input from suicide attempt survivors.
- The Colorado Youth Suicide Prevention Act.