I’m on Hiatus - Taking My Own Advice

After 8 years of solid advocacy work, I’m taking a break for a few months. (Kinda lying here)

Ok, I’m not exactly taking a break from all advocacy, just some things. :)

For the next couple of years I’ll be in the background helping a group of local teens who are working on changing their school district’s policies on dignified transportation for children who suffer mental health crises while at school - so no more handcuffs in police cars, sensitivity training for addressing racial and LGBTQ bullying within the schools, trauma-inducing armed assailant drills, and legislative advocacy in re youth mental health bills.

I decided to make this change because I started to notice that so many of my fellow advocates (in my town) are growing old without having raised up people to take their places.

And here’s something else - I’m spending a lot of time doing laughter yoga, walking with friends, reading for pleasure, learning to meditate, taking art classes, playing with my grandkids… learning to value the creation of my own little blue zone.

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