MIA + FSU Landmark Attempt Survivor Research Study

This may or may not be my last postvention related post. I have found it necessary to step away from my postvention life so that I'll have enough energy to work on my doctoral research.

However, this study is too amazing to pass up. It is the first of it's kind for several reasons. First, it's a collaboration between Mad in America, which is the suicide prevention world's rebel exposer of pharma, and Florida State University, which is a cornerstone of the suicide prevention world's conventional foundation.

Suicide Prevention as a social movement has been working to cure suicide since at least 1972, yet the attempt and death rates have continued to climb. If the phrase " Little is known about the psychological and related experiences of individuals who have made a suicide attempt (i.e., suicide attempt survivors)" doesn't chill you, you're not paying attention. 

Imagine where we would be with cancer, arthritis, or AIDS longevity and recovery if nobody had consulted the survivors of these maladies. I hope that these types of 1st person survivor studies will lead to life-habits studies similar to those by cancer, arthritis, and AIDS researchers. 

I feel grateful that Thomas Joiner has agreed to be the faculty advisor on this project.