Sustainable Wellness

I'm designing a course on resilience building for my community based upon the book : Sustainable Wellness: An Integrative Approach to Transform Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

In the course, my goal is to discuss research-based resilience practices such as those described in Building Resilience to Stress, such as:

* Letting yourself experience strong emotions, and also realizing when you may need to avoid experiencing them at times in order to continue functioning
* Stepping forward to take action, and also stepping back to rest
* Spending time with others to gain support and encouragement, and also nurturing yourself
* Relying on others, and also relying on yourself

As an integral part of the course, I very much want to focus on the role of laughter in creating and maintaining wellness.

I'll be talking with a local church leader on Thursday to float my plan of teaching at her church.

Wish me luck!

Erica KitzmanComment