Writing Your Way to Wellness

Have you ever considered writing through a difficult time? Re-addressing something difficult from the past? Telling your story to help someone else?

There is one single line from the Western Massachussettes Recovering Learning Community's Alternatives to Suicide webinar that has stuck with me. This is "the most healing thing a person can hear when they are suffering is 'When that happened to me.'"

When I took the webinar, I became aware that I had no business facilitating peer support groups for people who struggle with frequent suicidality; because I do not. I have other areas in my life where I can actually say "when that happened to me" and have it be meaningful and effective. That's the point at which I decided that postvention for loss survivors is my niche. It's somewhere I know.

Anyway, AFSP is asking for personal stories. If you have experience with calling a crisis line, please consider writing a blog for AFSP.