Taking my own advice! - Down Time

Today I finished recording a radio show that I produced with the express purpose of turning over the reigns to my local advocacy. I have been working toward state, national, and international advocacy for some time and I do not have time or energy for both.

The show is called "STAY – Skills To Assist You in living your healthiest life" and it is a 12-episode community extended PSA program. You can listen to inspiring in-depth interviews with local and regional mental health activists, as they discuss how they’re helping to build personal and community resilience in the aftermath of community tragedy.

Please listen to the episodes of this show. The content of the show is so amazing that the entire team worked for free, and it represents several hundred hours of research, preparation, interviewing, editing, and all the other things that go along with production.

The guests on this show are the postvention rockstars of my county and state. They have been doing the bulk of the heavy lifting for suicide postvention. And the best part is that some of them are still teenagers!

I took my own advice on resiliency building and went for a wonderful 4-hour hike with my son the day after the show went live. Life is good.

Peace to you, Erica


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