The Brains of Mass Shooters

Years ago, during my time two years as a NAMI Western Slope board member, Family-to-Family, and Peer-to-Peer facilitator,  I discovered Dr. Daniel Amen. Dr. Amen is the founder of Amen Clinics and BrainMD and a pioneer in focusing on brain imaging as a primary tool for psychiatrists.

He was the first person I ever heard make the point that all other physicians and researchers look at the organ they are attempting to heal. In other words, a cardiologist takes pictures and tests of the patient's heart; a pulmonologist takes pictures and tests of the patient's lungs; an orthopedist takes pictures and tests of the patient's bones. Why not psychiatrists?

Dr. Amen takes pictures of his patient's brains and WOW does he ever have some enlightening results. Consider the "holes" in the brains of a mass shooter. He says " The future of psychiatry will be paved through imaging," and I believe him.

Why is it that this idea has taken so long to come to fruition? I believe it is the stigma of mental illness that extends to MDs with psychiatric specialties.

Erica KitzmanComment