Suicide is Nonpartisan

Last month I received a seat-of-the-pants introduction to (1) how fringe groups can make anything a partisan issue and (b) how remote testimony can change the conversation.

Several local advocates stepped forward to offer remote testimony on Colorado HB18-1177 for youth suicide prevention AND IT PASSED! - through the house, not the state senate.

For some reason, a fringe "Christian" group tried like mad to tank the bill. I put the word Christian in quotes, because I am Christian and these people do not speak for me. Nor will they ever.

NOTE* They also support gay "conversion therapy" which has been repeatedly cited as causing suicide attempts.

Anyway, the organizing entity for our remote testimony advised us all to clearly state which party we were affiliated with, and I will say that the legislators listened to the GOP parents who were present.

I have no idea why in the world a youth suicide prevention bill should be a partisan issue - but I guess people will argue about anything given the chance.