And just like that - Hope reemerges

And just like that - I have come to the end of my rope. In a good way. What does that mean exactly? Since February 2nd, when I gave my very last postvention presentation, I have been feeling done. Not done with advocacy - just done with the in person education aspect that others are trained and willing to do.

I say my last, because doing so drains me of much of the energy that I need for the next phase. That sounds so weird -  next phase. Still, I am preparing for my PhD research into resiliency responses in children's lit, and that will require a lot of energy that I've been using on postvention research and community education projects.

Here's the rub of this whole day's experience. I felt utterly crushed by the day, so what did I do? I went searching around for some info about how the hearing went.  Instead I happened upon a delightful surprise. The author of the bill that I testified for is an avid and accomplished resiliency junky! 

Check Dafna Michaelson Jenet's personal resiliency journey here, and also check out The 50 in 52 Videos. Wowzaz!