& = Self-Compassoin

I recently read a lovely Attempted Suicide Help blog post that discussed the dialectic positivity in using "and" instead of "but" in the way we talk to ourselves and others.

The AMBERSAND allows us to turn an either/or thought, plan, or action into a both/and/either situation, which gives us more control over our self-care decisions and actions.


I like coffee "AND" cake. I'll just have coffee, or cake, or I think I'll have both.

I have a meeting "AND" I have a migraine. I'll reschedule my meeting and take care of my migraine or I'll take migraine medicine and go to the meeting.

I need time to myself "AND" I want to go to the party. I can go to the party for a short time, or not go to the party, or go for the whole time and schedule alone time for for later.

Just taking this small action - thinking about two concepts in addition to one another instead of one excluding the other - makes clear what our choices are in any given situation.

The use of "&" includes choice. With choice comes personal power.


Erica KitzmanComment