Making a Wellness Plan

Mary Ellen Copeland created Wellness Recovery Action Planning and it is absolutely wonderful!

Isn't it strange how we plan for sickness, death, burial, fires, car trouble, etc. - yet don't plan for wellness? Imagine if we planned so well for how to stay well!

When I go hiking I plan to make sure that I have water and sunscreen, and I tell someone where I'll be and who I'll be with. I plan to come home alive.

When I used to smoked cigarettes, I planned for always having smokes on hand. I planned not to run out before morning, and to be sure I had enough to last me through those last few days until my next payday.

I've taken CPR classes and Mental Health First Aid classes in case I need to help others, yet I am most reluctant to plan for my own emotional wellness. Why is that?

I think for me it is because I want to help others, and I also don't want them to have to feel obligated to help me. Isn't that odd? I don't feel like helping them is an obligation - why would they feel that helping me is an obligation?

Are we built this way? Is it societal? Why do we expect interdependence from others but total independence for ourselves? I suspect that it's habit. 

Imagine if we deliberately worked toward developing healthy habits instead of getting rid of unhealthy habits. Let's do it! I challenge you!



Erica KitzmanComment