Gun Violence

Because of my function as a community mental health advocate, people send me questions on issues that don't seem objectively related to my vocation. 

If you want to know where I search for info - I look to research organizations led by experts in suicide reduction, psychologists, and first responders.  Since I'm not a counselor, physician, or first responder, I have no professional opinion on this topic.

Here's where I go for info when people ask me:

A National School Safety Symposium

I Love You Guys Foundation

AFT, NEA: Arming Educators Won’t Keep Schools Safe

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Position on Firearms and Suicide Prevention

National Association of School Psychologists and the National Association of School Resource Officers: Best Practice Considerations for Schools in Active Shooter and Other Armed Assailant Drills

NAMI: Violence and Gun Reporting Laws

NOTE* I have no personal objectivity on this issue. The reason I don't is that my direct experiences with guns has been 100% traumatic. As a result of the following instances I experience a high level of anxiety by simply writing about this topic:

When I was a small child I was made to hide under a table and play a hiding "game," because my dad was driving around town shooting at people. The day ended with him shooting my sister and grandma before trying to kill himself via a less lethal method. Throughout my life I've lost three friends to firearm related suicide. In 2005 great-nephew and I witnessed a police shooting close up, where the policeman was protecting a group of children from an armed assailant.

I am personally scared witless of guns, though the majority of my family are gun owners.

They do me the honor of keeping their guns locked up and/or where I never have to see them.

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