Gender Much?

I just adore this kid named Dartagnan and his mom Sarah. Dartagnan is not only an excellent human being, he's also an amazing athlete, dancer, and musician. I admire the way his family allows him to live his life and how his family, his church, and friends support him. Imagine if alI church families were so kind to all children.

I appreciate MOGII - Western Slope Pride kids and parents for teaching me that gender is a spectrum, and that the operative word in all of these labels is "PEOPLE."

Further, with 2% of all human PEOPLE being born intersex, shouldn't we be refusing to label people by their genitalia? I feel so. Quite frankly, I think it's just plain bad manners to be concerned with other people's body parts.

It seems to me if we all could remember the "PEOPLE" word, before all of the other descriptions we tend to use, that life would be ever so much simpler.


Erica KitzmanComment