Bullying - What can be done?

Bullying has been on my mind these past weeks. Mostly because a friend of mine has become active in a new local moms group that has formed to address the problem. Because of that I've been looking around for resources for teaching resiliency and there are a lot of them!

Here's an Edutopia piece that discusses how kids and parents can use deliberate action against bullying behaviors to immediately affect change. I love the simplicity here.

There's also tons of free Bullying Prevention Training online as well as a basic Community Action Toolkit and instructions on Working with Stakeholders such as Parents, Faith Leaders, Business Leaders. Who knew?

I really wish we'd had something like this when I was a kid. All I ever heard was "don't fight" and "it's okay to defend yourself if someone hits you first." Mixed messages much? Yeah.


Erica KitzmanComment