Workplace Mental Health and Postvention Practices and Cost Savings

For Rebecca R.

First I want to thank Rebecca for asking about this topic. I had no idea that workplace wellness, workplace mental health, and postvention practices were so widely studied and practiced! This is very encouraging to me and I hope people will pass this on to their employers as well as friends and family who own businesses.

To begin with, the National Institute of Mental Health outlines precisely how "Workplace Depression Screening, Outreach and Enhanced Treatment Improves Productivity, Lowers Employer Costs." Having this article should go a long way toward convincing business owners that it's in their best interest to start these practices right away.

Equal to this info is the fact that, in America at least, we have the Americans with Disabilities Act which gives all differently-abled citizens the right to minimal accommodations in the workplace.  NAMI has some great guidelines called "How to Succeed at Work" on deciding whether or not to "come out" as a person living with mental illness, to what degree, and how the ADA protects and affects this decision.

Employers and Managers can go to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration's website and download or order print copies of hundreds of mental health and addiction related information for discussion in their staff and employee meetings. These resources are free - well, paid for in full by our past taxes. I have noticed that several publications have been removed and/or reorganized, so I recommend downloading and saving anything that you may want later.

Finally, and this is a pressing concern with the suicide attempt and death rate in America - the American Association of Suicidology offers "A Manager's Guide to Suicide Postvention in the Workplace" that is essential after an employee loss.

None of this info is rocket science. It's all written for the lay person. It's all evidence based.

Peace to you, Erica


Erica Kitzman