Lobbying on the State and National level for Funding for Care and Research

For Jane R. #2

This research request is easy peasy to answer, and with a little time and patience it's something that everyone can learn!

One great way to learn how to advocate is to simply sign up for newsletters from advocacy organizations that you like and begin to read them and learn the lingo.


Following are my faves:

The National Alliance of Mental Illness actively teaches citizens how to advocate for people living with mental illness on individual, institutional, local, state, and national levels. Their public policy in-reach is extensive.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention also offers free resources and training for advocating on the individual, institutional, local, state, and national levels. They are the first place I go when I want specific postvention assistance. I'm an AFSP field advocate and postvention activist and support their research and mission 100%.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has free [well - paid for by past taxes] publications that explain central issues with advocacy.

So basically if join your local NAMI chapter and sign up for a few free newsletters, take a few free webinars, and read free info that interests you - you'll be far ahead of most other folks - including many professionals.

Peace (and productive mental health activism) to you, Erica


Erica Kitzman