Bipolar Disorder with Co-occurring Substance Abuse

For Ellen B.

I try to always go for the science behind opinion.  SAMHSA is one of my main go-to places for finding data and fact sheets on anything about addiction or misuse of substances. SAMHSA has a publications page with thousands of topic sheets that anyone can download and that any American can also order free of charge with no delivery fee.

The NIH has simple graphic on Comorbid Mood Disorders and Substance Abuse that I found helpful on this topic.

I also haunt DBSA for first person accounts and information about how people are living their best lives with bipolar illness. They publish a fabulous magazine called bp that I would love to see in every MD office lobby on the planet.

There are some focused recovery centers devoted to this topic. I try not to look too closely into private resources with ads, though has an easy to understand description of the dilemma.

NAMI Family-to-Family is a free course offered in most areas of the USA which teaches families how to best advocate for, and care for, their severely ill loved ones. I took it and taught it, and it's AWESOME.

NAMI Peer-to-Peer is a free course that's started to be offered more widely which teaches people living with mental illness how to best care for, and advocate for, themselves. I took this one and taught it as well, and I have to say that my own self care practices for severe anxiety have improved 200% since!

Peace to all, Erica