In Print and In Process


Oh, Happy Day Spa! is a short work of psychological fiction. The story is narrated by the ever-practical thirteen-year-old Ricci, the daughter of a sweet-natured psychopath named Nanette. Early in the story, Ricci discovers that her mother’s day spa is really a front for her mother’s twisted activities. Ricci’s dilemma comes from wanting to save her mom from prison, but she knows that her primary goal must be the prevention of more deaths.


This story is narrated by the deadly yet naïve Christie Cleek Ponaire, a fifteen-year-old hunter of bad men. Christie is her generation’s Chosen hunter in a generations old society of cave-dwelling Christian cannibals. She spends her traditional coming-of-age year hunting and sending bad men to their deaths and making friends with other teenagers, while living with a group of horse-trading speed-freak arsonists. In the end, like so many religious teens before her, she chooses a different life path from her parents and ancestors.


A mother's memoir of bereavement and recuperation, based on the "What if It's Green Beans?" blog.